Computer Science Academy (CSA)

  • Courses focus on learning computer science concepts through inquiry and projects.
  • Themes and practices include the creative nature of computing, problem-solving using technology as a tool, and seeing the relevance and impact of computer science.
  • Students in CSA take their Computer Science classes in a multi-year sequence. Students work collaboratively on projects and labs; together we form a small learning community.
  • College and career skills are built into the courses to prepare students for higher education and future work as computing professionals.

Exploring Computer Science

Students are introduced to the field of computer science through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics, such as human-computer interaction, web design, programming, and electronics. Students develop the computational practices of algorithm development, problem solving, and programming within the context of problems that are relevant to the lives of today’s students.


AP Computer Science Principles

Students learn the central ideas of computer science, explore ideas and practices of computational thinking, and engage in activities that show how computing changes the world. With the goal of creating their own mobile apps, text and graphics programs, students study the big ideas of computing: creativity, abstraction, data, algorithms, programming, the Internet, and global impacts.

AP Computer Science A

Students learn object-oriented program design, program implementation, program analysis, standard data structures, and algorithms. Students solve problems and create programs with an industry-level programming language and utilize software engineering practices and tools.


Contact Info

Lead Instructor: Mr. Danny Tan
Phone: 415-749-3430 ext. 3102
Location: Room 102 (first floor)