This program will be called CalendarPrinter for reasons that will shortly become obvious.  Start a new project CalendarPrinter and clone your git repository. Edit the main in the Java file to create a program that will produce the below output.

When compiled and executed, your program should output:

September 1
September 2
September 3 – WEEKEND
September 4 - WEEKEND
September 5 – NO SCHOOL (LABOR DAY)
September 6
September 7
September 8
September 9
September 10 – WEEKEND
September 11 – WEEKEND
September 12
September 13
September 14
September 15
September 16
September 17 – WEEKEND
September 18 – WEEKEND
September 19
September 20
September 21
September 22
September 24 – WEEKEND
September 25 – WEEKEND
September 26
September 27
September 28
September 29
September 30

Your output should match the above exactly. Observe all capitalization, punctuation, and spacing. As you might expect, there are some other requirements for writing this program. The most important of these is that you may only have one line of code that calls System.out.println (and no uses of System.out.print). Clearly, there is more than one line of printed output. Therefore, you must use a loop and you must use conditionals (if statements) in your program. You must also have at least one String variable.

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